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First State Couriers, LLC is one of Delaware’s recognized leaders of same-day transportation and distribution services in the Del-Mar-Va and Pennsylvania regions. First State Couriers, LLC, will transport an endless list of parcels and shipments for clients..

Mission Statement

At First State Couriers it’s our steadfast commitment to provide our clients with the best same-day delivery solution in the Del-Mar-Va and Pennsylvania regions. We will fanatically pursue offering the most point-to-point delivery services. First State Couriers performs flawlessly and on-time. We are committed to staying on the forefront of same-day delivery technology.

What We Provide

First State Couriers offers a wide range of same-day delivery services including messenger, courier and distribution services for clients consisting of small local firms to large national corporations. We provide services throughout Delaware and across the Maryland, Virginia, and the Pennsylvania regions. When our client’s transportation and distribution needs to be extended beyond our regions, we will enlist qualified associate partners across the continent to see that your requirements are satisfied.

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We will proudly serve our communities by being the most reliable, and most affordable, same-day delivery service available. First State Couriers delivers anything, anywhere, and anytime.

A Great Choice

Reliable performance and quality, in addition to the highest level of professional customer support, the best communications and information management technology available, including the new on-line ordering, tracking and tool. You will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you are doing business with an established, well-managed company. At First State Couriers, we will be a dedicated and well known courier company and the first and best choice throughout our state.

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The expedition team of Courier Service agents are skilled and professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines with our speedy delivery service..

Delaware Service Area

Your satisfaction with our services is our number one priority and we ensure your delivery is expedited with no delays. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with courier, messenger and delivery of the utmost in service, flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Our affordable courier rates and wide array of delivery services ensures that First State Couriers can deliver a solution for all your transportation needs.

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